Who is the delightfully queer grrl?

Who am I?

To the outside world, I am a young woman in my late 20s, and for the most part, able to get by as a heteronormative person with a male partner and a plan to have children and a decent career.

To myself and those close to me, I am:

  • someone who doesn’t identify with any particular gender – in the privacy of my own home and social life, I dress how I like and don’t concern myself with conforming to a particular gender representation.
  • polyamorous: I have more than one partner at a time, or can have. Sometimes I have no partners and yet I still think of myself as poly. Sometimes I could call myself non-monogamous instead, which is less specific. But mostly I identify as polyamorous because my sexual activities take place mostly in the context of relationships, not casual encounters.
  • bisexual: my attractions to others are not based on their gender.
  • queer: a more politicised version of the above, and being an oft-political being, a label I tend to use more frequently for myself than bisexual. I use it as part of my blog title because I see it as the “outward facing” part of my lifestyle. And this blog, though self-reflective in nature, is about facing outward and representing that to those in my external environment.
  • kinky: I have what I suppose most of the population would call “unusual sex practices.” I indulge in BDSM and genderplay/genderfuckery  and have mostly kinky sex with my partners.

But mostly, I do not think of myself as a person of labels; I am ME – no more, no less. Part of the attraction of living without labels is the anarchy of it. I am allowed to change my mind and the way I live my life without judgment and without upheaval. Mainly I am a woman who has multiple relationships with people of whatever gender, I have a career (and I may change to another in the near future), and I want to start a family. I don’t see any of these things as mutually exclusive.

My partners, my therapist and my other loved ones may appear from time to time in my posts – I suspect code names are forthcoming!

This is my story.


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